Bar Table and Chairs Set for 2, 3-Piece Small Square Dining Table and Upholstered Stools with Backrest, Counter Height Kitchen Pub Bistro Table Set for Kitchen Small Space, Rustic Brown

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Product: SquareBar Table Set with 2 Bar stools

Color: Grey

Material: Particleboard + Iron +PU

Assembly Required: About 25 minutes

Package Number: 1

Pieces Included:

- 1 Bar table

- 2 Bar stools

Dimensions & Weight:

Table Dimensions: 23.62’’L*23.62’’W*35.43’’H

Stool Dimensions: 12.60’’L*12.60’’W*36.22’’H

Stool cushion height from the ground: 24.41’’

Backrest width: 11.85’’

Table Weight: 21.78LBS

Stool: 7.7LBS

Tabletop Thickness: 0.6"

Cushion Thickness: 2.36"

Table Weight Capacity: 300 LBS 

Stool Weight Capacity: 350 LBS

❤️Kind Reminder: Product pictures are for reference only. Real product' s color may be a little different from the image due to the lighting or monitor’s display. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to make you satisfied.

  • [3 Piece Pub Table and Chairs Set] - This bar table set includes 1 square counter height table + 2 bar stools. Rustic wood grain and high-quality black metal frame create a minimalist industrial style that blends perfectly with any home decor. Suitable for dining area, kitchen, breakfast nook, home bar, and more.

  • [Soft Seat with Backrest] - The bar chair is equipped with 12.6-inch wide PU leather upholstery for soft and comfortable sitting, looped footrest and wooden backrest are ergonomic to keep you comfortable and relaxed even after long hours of sitting.

  • [Stable and Sturdy Construction] - The bistro table and chairs are made of high-quality thick particleboard and sturdy black metal structures, making them solid and durable. Bar table top can hold up to 300 lb, and each bar stool can hold up to 350 lb.

  • [Space-saving Design] - This small kitchen table set for 2 features a compact design that allows you to make the most of your home's spare corner or living area to create your own bar or bistro area. 2 stools can be placed under the table when not in use, perfect for small space.

  • [Assembly and Shipping] - Shipped in 1 box from the US. All parts and accessories are labeled and come with detailed instructions to help you through the assembly process. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about this high top table set.

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  • user2

    Inspire Your Culinary Creativity

    A well-designed dining space can ignite your culinary creativity, and this bar table and chairs set does just that. Its rustic appeal creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere that inspires you to explore new recipes and experiment with flavors. Transform your kitchen into a culinary haven and let this dining set be the catalyst for your gastronomic adventures.

  • user2

    Excellent Investment in Quality

    When it comes to investing in furniture, quality is key, and this dining set delivers on all fronts. From the solid construction to the attention to detail in its design, it embodies superior craftsmanship. By choosing this set, you're making a wise investment in a piece of furniture that not only enhances your dining experience but also retains its value over time.

  • user2

    Thoughtful Space Optimization:

    With limited space, every square inch counts. This dining set has been intelligently designed to optimize your available space without compromising on comfort or style. The compact size of the table and stools allows for easy maneuverability, making it effortless to create a cozy dining area even in the smallest of kitchens. It's a perfect solution for those who value functionality and efficiency.

  • user2

    Easy to Clean Upholstery

    Life is full of spills and accidents, but with this dining set, cleaning up is a breeze. The upholstery of the stools is designed to resist stains and spills, making it easy to wipe clean witha damp cloth or mild cleaning solution. Whether it's a splash of wine or a food mishap, you can relax knowing that maintaining the pristine appearance of your dining set is hassle-free. Spend less time worrying about potential messes and more time enjoying your meals with peace of mind.

  • user2

    Perfect for Small Spaces

    Maximizing every inch of your living space is essential, and this bar table and chairs set is the epitome of space-saving design. Whether you have a compact apartment or a cozy kitchen nook, this set fits seamlessly into tight spaces, creating an inviting dining area without overwhelming the room. Say goodbye to bulky dining sets and hello to a functional and stylish solution that caters to your small space needs.

  • user2

    Unique and Personalized Dining Experience

    Stand out from the crowd with this distinctive dining set that adds a touch of uniqueness to your space. Its rustic brown finish and thoughtful design make it a conversation starter and a reflection of your personal style. Create a dining experience that is uniquely yours, where every meal becomes a special occasion infused with your individuality.

  • user2

    Solid and Dependable

    Quality craftsmanship is evident in every aspect of this dining set. The sturdy construction of the table and stools ensures a stable and secure seating experience. You can rely on this set to withstand the test of time, providing you with a reliable dining solution for years to come. The peace of mind that comes with owning a durable and dependable furniture set is truly priceless.

  • user2

    Dissatisfied with the Overall Design

    The design of this dining set did not match the rustic brown aesthetic as advertised. The finish appeared uneven, with noticeable inconsistencies. Additionally, the square shape of the table and chairs lacked elegance and failed to contribute to an inviting atmosphere in the kitchen.

  • user2

    Timeless Appeal

    Rustic design never goes out of style, and this bar table and chairs set embodies timeless appeal. Its classic aesthetic ensures that it seamlessly integrates with various decor themes, allowing you to change your interior design without worrying about replacing your furniture. Invest in a dining set that stands the test of time and remains a stylish centerpiece in your home for years to come.

  • user2

    Aesthetically Pleasing:

    This bar table and chairs set is a visual delight. The rustic brown color exudes a sense of warmth and invites you to gather around for a delightful dining experience. The attention to detail in the design, from the elegant square table to the comfortable upholstered stools, showcases a harmonious blend of functionality and style. It's a feast for the eyes that enhances the overall aesthetics of your living space.

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